Driving, living in canada

In Tents (intense…get it?)

No, but you can burn that shirt.

Okay so I am sure everyone and their grandma has heard about Occupy Wall Street. I really don’t have time for those people sitting in the cold and protesting. Look, I find things to be upset about every day, but you don’t see me crying about them (publicly).

The other day my husband and I were driving around downtown Victoria and there were about 10 tents set up around city hall. As per usual I was confused and asked Paul what they were doing. He said that they were “Victoria’s version of Occupy Wall Street.” I cackled after he told me this. Full cackle.

So I guess the Canadian activist group Adbusters started the demonstration-protesting social and economic inequality. So basically, Canada is to blame for Occupy Wall Street. I mean, lets think about this for a second. Inequality is always going to be around. There are always going to be people in better circumstances and there are always going to be people in worse ones. That’s just the way the world works…unless you’re living in Communist Russia.Which could be a fun change of scenery–plus you get to wear those furry hats and pretend that you’re Evelyn Salt.

But whatever. I guess its cute that people are fighting for something. Although, maybe people should be more like this girl:

I guess I would be the 1% that doesn’t really care at all. I didn’t even want to educate myself on the issue until about 5 minutes ago.


7 thoughts on “In Tents (intense…get it?)

  1. I can see the protesters point and it is something of a shambles that the credit agencies have emerged relatively unscathed (along with many other things) but most of these protesters are eejits.

  2. Lisa says:

    First off, I love your avatar!
    Secondly, I believe these protesters are nothing more than a group of people that want to take the last remaining days of good weather and have a sort of party in the street. Seriously, many of the interviewed New York protesters don’t have a clue what they’re protesting. They look like they’re having fun just hanging out and making new friends. Spare me.

  3. Lisa says:

    One more thing… I love the girl with the barely legible poster, I agree with her, but let’s be honest, she’s out there to catch a few rays too!

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