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Marathoning Part Deux

Fauja, just chillin after running for 8 and a half hours.

Toronto recently held their Goodlife Fitness Marathon on October 16th. What makes this race interesting (and sickening) is that Fauja Singh, a 100 year old man ran the race and finished.

Apparently the race took him 8 hours, 22 minutes, and 16 seconds to finish (which is a really awful time) so I guess that makes it more believable. But still, aren’t people bed-ridden after they hit 97? Not sure what the cut-off age is, but I’m almost positive it’s before 100.

Mr. Singh, as I like to call him, came in 3,850th place. He beat 5 people. Who are the 5 people that he beat and why were they allowed to race? I thought you actually had to be a decent runner to qualify for marathons. This gives me hope.

Mr. Singh described his feeling of finishing the race like “getting married again”. Ummm what? I don’t believe running a marathon has EVER been described like that. But if that’s how you feel…we’ll just nod our heads and smile.


4 thoughts on “Marathoning Part Deux

  1. I was in Toronto over the summer (business and pleasure, pleasure is my business ::cocks finger like a gun and winks::) I was amazed at how healthy everyone up there was. There are rental bikes for goodness sakes!

    I’ve only won one race in my life. The same goes for my older sister. She beat a short fat kid, a girl with a wooden leg, and a boy with Down Syndrome. Could it have been them to place in the final 5?

    • Ahh it could have been! Although, if you have a wooden leg, wouldn’t that give you an advantage–one less leg that feels tired. All of Canada is so healthy, I feel like this lifestyle cannot be good for people. I moved here from Chicago–home of the stuffed pizza. All of these active people really grind my gears.

      • Hmmm never thought about that wooden leg theory. If her human leg got tried she could always find a post to lean against until her energy is back. As long as it isn’t a straight-up dash, the advantage is the superhuman girl with the tree leg.

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