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Canadian Cuisine: Is there such a thing?

Last night Paul and I ventured to the grocery store to get some eggs. I decided to bring my camera to document all of the creepy stuff that we see. It was almost too much to handle.

Lets see…what do I need…eggs, milk, MILLET. Seriously who would buy millet? I don’t even know what it is to be completely honest. I’m pretty sure it’s just crumbs though. Didn’t people eat that in like, the 1920’s when they had no other choice? Isn’t it like a food from the great depression? It looks like something you would feed chickens.

Seriously? A huge dispenser of bacon bits? What genius made this? I just want to put my head under the spout and live my dream. Nice one Canada, nice one.

Okay sorry, but in the real world these are called Smarties….not Rockets.

I don’t know what Roti Flour is but I want it. That woman looks like she genuinely wants to give me food. Also, I think she has henna on her face, which is pretty impressive. That stuff doesn’t wash off for at least a week.

This gives me nightmares of the hockey game. Why is it necessary to have beavers on everything? Also, this kind of reminds me of that Nickelodeon show Angry Beavers. Good show. Not so sure about the drink though.

I am certain that we do not have these in the US. Come on Canada. Really though? They actually look decent. I want some.

Would you EVER eat food made by Dads? Especially cookies? No. WORST company name of all time.

You know what I want? Some chips. You know what I really don’t want? Ketchup flavored chips.  I used to respect Lays.

And lets not forget homogenized milk. Which Canada has just decided to call Homo Milk. Hmm I’m having trouble deciding whether this is offensive or perfect.

Was this really necessary? Its the SAME edition as the US. Just stop.

EDIT: These pictures decided to arrange themselves in a crazy manner. Not my fault.


4 thoughts on “Canadian Cuisine: Is there such a thing?

  1. Natalie says:

    Dude ketchup Lays are the most delicious. They have them here too. I spend way too much time in Jewel Osco. On that note, byeeee.

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