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Canadian comedy vs. Canadian comedy

I was watching Comedy Central the other day and they were having featured comedians doing their stand-up routines. Usually I will change the channel when I hear the comedian’s name because I have given most of them a chance and I am pretty hard to please when it comes to stand-up (some of my personal faves are Louis C.K. and Amy Schumer).

There has been a minor stereotype that Canadian’s have a corny sense of humor. I mean, it’s not the first thing most people think about Canadians–typically people think of Mounties, lumberjacks, and umm I don’t know moose? Whatever.

The comedian that they were featuring was Ian Bagg–I had never heard of him so I decided to keep watching. It was literally no more than 30 seconds before I had to change the channel. I lost so much respect for Comedy Central that day.

Ian Bagg (who doesn’t have a Wikipedia page by the way) is so cheesy and has the creepiest Canadian accent. In my opinion, he is one of the worst stand-up comedians that I have ever watched (for 30 seconds). So obviously I made a judgment call that Canadians have the worst sense of humor. A fair assessment I think.

However, Paul led me to another comedian, Russel Peters, who is pretty funny….for a Canadian. I will retract my statement about Canadians having the worst sense of humor, because that’s not true. I mean Jim Carey (who might be insane?), Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, Ryan Reynolds and Will Arnet are all Canadians and they are really funny (note that Eugene Levy did not make my list)! So as of right now Canada has a running total of 6 funny people in their country.

One thing that Ian Bagg does have going for him though is that he was in the movie MVP: Most Vertical Primate. Ya know, the one about the snowboarding monkey? Yeah me either.


3 thoughts on “Canadian comedy vs. Canadian comedy

  1. What about Dan Aykroyd, Jay Baruchel, John Candy, Phil Hartman, Rich Little, Mike Myers, Will Sasso, Martin Short or Harland Williams. They all have had there moments. Not sure if I like Harland’s stand-up that much but he is good on the talk show circuit. Rich Little, who is still alive, used to do all of the Dean Martin Roast. Jay Baruchel is the only reason The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was any good, in my opinion.

    • You are very right. John Candy and Phil Hartman are awesome. So are Mike Myers and Martin Short. The rest I don’t think I’ve seen anything of theirs. I’ve heard of them, but I don’t really know them. You really know all about Canadian comedy! I never saw Sorcerer’s Apprentice but I heard it was pretty good. Jay Baruchel is kind of funny, but he doesn’t make me laugh super hard, ya know?

      • Well, I have to admit, I am the smartest person I know. Will Sasso was on MadTv and is playing Curly in the new Three Stooges movie. I can understand what you said about Baruchel. I think he is going to end up being just a good actor, comedy or not.(Million Dollar Baby) The reason I like him so much is he always plays a nerd that gets the hot girl (Sorcerer’s Apprentice, She’s Out of my League, Fanboys) There’s a thing on YouTube that’s pretty funny with him and David Krumholtz, that they did for funny or die. Check that out.

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