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Judgements Ahoy!

Everybody does it. Secretly, or in my case, not so secretly. We shouldn’t judge people, but we do. And that’s enough justification for me.  Obviously this isn’t a topic that is distinct to only Canadian citizens. I judge people wherever I go. But there are some real gems here that I just couldn’t keep for my own sole enjoyment. Here we go.

The guy in the lower right corner knows what's up.

Outside my window was a group of people standing in a circle–I was immediately intrigued. After a moment of creepily watching them from my window, they started doing some slow-motion Tai-Chi moves. It was too good. Actually, when I saw them I think I said out loud, “Oh, this is too good.” Sitting at the head of the group is a woman who gives them directions in a very relaxed and gentle voice. Some of them include: “flow with the wind” and “feel the sun’s rays as you sway”. She doesn’t do it with them because she has crutches–Paul and I have come to the conclusion that she Tai-Chied herself too hard. The group has come back a couple of times and I think a few of them have seen me watching (I have no shame). But they always stand strong and are never thrown off of their game. Which is pretty impressive.

I don’t have a really long story about this next one, but I saw a guy walking his cat the other day. It was actually really refreshing because I live in an area where people walk dogs like its going out of style. Or because they have to. Still, the cat thing was weird, and yes I still thoroughly judged (and by judged, I mean that I couldn’t look away), but it was very new and exciting at the same time. Will this become a trend?

Lastly, I guess First Nations (or as we like to call them in the states, Indians, or preferably, Injins) leaders are trying to persuade native families to “return to their roots” by eating traditional food instead of burgers and fries. This seems like an okay idea except for the fact that the traditional foods that they are talking about are gooseneck barnacles (srsly wtf) and eelgrass (SRSLY WTF). What are these things and why would you eat them? I am willing to risk heart disease, diabetes, and obesity just as long as I don’t have to think about those things, never mind eat them. Consider every tribe judged.


2 thoughts on “Judgements Ahoy!

    • I didn’t know you could go to a random post! I’ll have to do the same for you. People who walk their cats are the kind of people that shouldn’t have cats.

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