Hockey, P0wning N3wbs

Hockey Night

Would you seriously want a hug from this thing?

A couple of weeks ago Paul’s family and my mom and I all went to a hockey game here in Victoria. Apparently they have a new team, the Royals, who replaced their old team, the Salmon Kings (…I know. wtf). Obviously these are not professional hockey games, but they’re still fun to attend because these are the kind of teams that the NHL drafts from. They are definitely enjoyable to watch.

After finding our seats, I asked Paul how long the game would be. That is always my first question at any sporting event. How long am I in this for? And how many times can I get food before people start staring?

It was a pretty typical game besides this huge beaver mascot that kept walking around and creeping everyone out. A beaver mascot doesn’t even make sense for a team called the Royals. Shouldn’t they have like, a griffin or a lion? Preferably something more majestic than a beaver. Paul was telling me that the Salmon Kings had a Salmon as their mascot. I mean, that seems obvious. But then I started picturing it in my head. Slightly phallic. So I guess the beaver isn’t so bad.

Within the last 15 minutes of the game there were probably 5 fights. It was pretty much the highlight of the game only because the referees just sat there and watched like everyone else.  If anything, I think they encourage the fights.  But I have to hand it to my fellow Victorians. They were super pumped for this minor league game. Even though the Royals lost, I was really excited too–really excited to go to sleep.


4 thoughts on “Hockey Night

  1. Krisy says:

    I love this! Especially the fact that you ask how long you are doomed to be there and just make eyes at the food line because I do the exact same at all the sporting events Mike drags me to. I’m so glad I found your blog!

  2. JY says:

    You know he’s a marmot and not a beaver, right? The Royals have a mascot that is a marmot because they have paired up with the Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation. VI Marmots are an endangered species and the team does fundraising for them.

    As well, I’m guessing your husband never went to any Salmon Kings games because the mascot wasn’t a salmon, it was Marty the Marmot then too.

    And if we’re talking innuendos here, a beaver is way more sexual than a salmon.

    • I love when people comment and try to teach me things I don’t care about and that I already know. My husband went to most Salmon Kings games. I was talking more about the jersey emblem than the mascot.
      Anyway, I know Marty is Marmot and I know all about the fundraising. I’ve been to enough games to have a pretty full knowledge of it.
      And I was talking about the salmon being phallic, not an innuendo. But okay.

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