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Parlez-vous anglais?

This goes against everything that I know to be true.

After graduating I wanted to set unrealistic goals for myself to accomplish in my spare time. Some of those included: getting a job (pshhahaha), learning to play the piano, learning french, etc. Coming to Canada kind of opened the bi-lingual door for me. Before I came to Victoria, I downloaded a French language app for my iPad in hopes that I could quickly brush up on the basics. Overall it was pretty unsuccessful since I am a video game pro and just figured out how to cheat my way through the levels.

Now keep in mind, I haven’t met any French speakers (besides my husband’s cousin who is 14 and is pretty much fluent because he goes to a school where they speak French all day. Yes, that’s a real thing. And yes, I’m super jeal). But every type of packaging has the English on one side and the French on the other side. Sometimes in the grocery store they put the items on the shelf with the French side facing out. What kind of a sick joke is that?!?!

Personally, I think French is a beautiful language. I could only dream of being bi-lingual. I just get so confused when inanimate objects are masculine or feminine. How do you keep that straight? Like, oh yeah that table is a girl but the chair is a boy. WHAT? Who decided that?

Also, it kind of freaks me out that Montreal is like, super Frenchy. Like, to the point where I don’t feel welcome there. I am trying to get accustomed to the whole French thing, but I can’t help to get a little panic stricken when I see Capitaine Crounche instead of Captain Crunch.


5 thoughts on “Parlez-vous anglais?

    • In due time. I have to walk the fine line of not offending the citizens (Paul) yet still making fun of everyone. It’s tough. When I have stopped caring (in a week or so) then there will be pictures galore!

  1. vicki says:

    i think you should go volunteer in Paul’s cousins school, there’s nothing better than being thrown in the deep end with languages. you can do it!

  2. It’s always been interesting to me to notice that the French from Paris DESPISE the Canadian French! What does that tell you?
    At any rate, good luck to you.

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