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Driving Miss Lily

Ever since I moved here I have been slightly scared of driving. I mean, I think its normal to be nervous to drive in a town that you aren’t completely familiar with. But the thing is, back home I used to look for excuses to drive. I was always zippin around and picking people up or driving far distances. In Victoria however, I would rather walk or have someone chauffeur me from place to place. The roads are just so backwards here. The city is kind of on a grid, but its kind of not. There are way too many one-way streets. I am just waiting for the day I head down a street the wrong way and kill everyone in sight.  Speaking of killing everyone in sight, there are SO MANY bikers on the roads. In all seriousness, if (and when) I kill biker, I would have trouble feeling bad about it. Bikes are not meant for the road. Unless its the Tour de France or something…but I still get annoyed with them. Like, don’t even get me started about how much I dislike Lance Armstrong.

Sooo the other day when I had to drive somewhere so I could go to “work”, I ran into some trouble. So sometimes lanes here just turn off without any warning and I always end up turning when I don’t want to. I usually try to stay in the middle lane to avoid all confusion, but the lanes kept turning so that the middle lane would become the left lane and so on. So I had to randomly turn down some street that I didn’t want to. After that, I continued heading home when the lane I was in started to turn into a turning lane AGAIN. The layout of this place makes no sense to me!! I started merging back into a different lane so I wouldn’t have to turn again, and the car behind me ends up stopping right next to me and does not let me over. LYKE SRSLY? Finally he moved but not without making the biggest, unnecessary scene. DOES HE EVEN KNOW WHO I AM? Obvi not.

I will slowly try to drive around and become more familiar with the city but it’s definitely going to take some time for me to get used to. But don’t be surprised if I’m arrested for killing a pedestrian or shooting some driver that sets off my road rage.


4 thoughts on “Driving Miss Lily

  1. OMG!!! Roads in Florida (at least where I go) do that too. I’m always complaining because I’ll just be driving along and all the sudden I’m in a turn lane. So incredibly irritating.

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